About VSS

I was first licensed as a health insurance agent in the fall of 2003. Then I was a brand new health insurance agent driving back to Richmond from the western part of the state where I had landed my first account. Located in the heart of downtown Covington, Virginia was my first client, a car dealership with about 30 employees and I was excited because I had just made my first sale and now I was going to show the world what I could do.

I was committed to getting these 30 individuals a better price on their health insurance and as I researched the employees of this dealership I couldn’t believe how many employees (eligible for Medicare) did not understand their Rights and Benefits covered under Medicare.

Since then I have spent nearly ten years educating the employees of my clients on their Medicare benefits. 

In July of 2012, Virginia Senior Services was formed to accommodate the needs of Virginia’s aging population. Presently we have the resources for education on just about every financial product available to seniors from Medicare to Long Term Care. We have an attorney that helps educate our customers on estate planning, a doctor working in wellness and health advocacy, and many other products services and vendors working specifically with us in our goal to provide a safe marketplace for seniors.